18th Birthday | Eighteen Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

18 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

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TOP 10 Gifts for a Eighteen Year Old | 18th Birthday Gifts

Personalized Gifts

Engraved jewelry, engraved key rings, engraved glasses or a canvas printed with a favorite photos.

Cash or Gift Card

A gift card with money – they can buy what they want. A Gift card from their favorite store.

itunes gift card

Music that they can listen to. Get a gift card if you don’t know what they like to listen to. Movie Tickets
Buy a couple of tickets – they can go to latest movie with a friend. ( or maybe you!)

DVD and Games

Go with a popular movie, or a music dvd, or a new game.

Travel Bag | Suitcase

A weekend sized bag with wheels, or a backpack with lots of zips and pockets.

Digital Photo Frame

A photo frame for themselves and friends photos. You can easily load up some photos before you give them the frame. They can put their own photos in and replace the ones you put in there.

Fragrance | Perfume

Pick a popular perfume in a pretty bottle for an eighteen year old girl, or a popular fragrance for an eighteen year old boy.

Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

If you don’t like the idea of giving cash then a gift card that matches their interests is a great last resort.

More 18th Birthday Gift Ideas

An 18th birthday is usually a very special occasion since it acts as a turning point in life.

Eighteenth birthday occasions are considered one of the milestone birthdays in life as this is the age in which an individual is considered legally eligible to enjoy some privileges.

It usually marks the transition from being a carefree teenager to an adult and the responsibilities that pertain to adulthood.

This momentous occasion usually needs a befitting birthday present and the following factors should be put into consideration when choosing the gift:

  • Usability; the gift should be relevant and have some practical use for the young adult.
  • Personalize; personalizing the gift would give it much more meaning and value to the young adult.
  • Should carry a message; the gift should convey a message to the young adult about crossing the threshold to maturity.

With these ideas in mind choosing a gift is usually much easier. It is recommended that you ask friends to an individual about what gift they would prefer so as to make the correct choice.

18th birthday gift ideas:

  • Smart phone and tablets; this is the current craze amongst the young adult population. However, the technology behind the manufacture of these gadgets is usually very versatile and newer and better models are being churned out every few months. Getting the young adult the latest smart phone or tablet for their birthday can be a very good idea.
  • Computers and laptops; most individuals at the age of 18 are usually obsessed with technology and social networking. Social network sites are heavily based on the internet which normally requires the use of a computer. Getting the young a personal laptop or computer is also a very good idea.
  • Memory book; memory books are usually made up of pictures which depict the various stages of progress through which an individual has gone through in life. These books usually have sentimental value and it is usually advisable that this gift should complement another gift because no young adult would like a memory book as the only 18th gift birthday present.
  • Shopping vouchers; getting the young adult a shopping voucher is also the way to go. The voucher can give the young adult a feeling of responsibility and independence which is very important for an individual who is considering on setting out.
  • Trips; paying for an excursion or holiday to a remote location is also another option. These trips can be instrumental in making the young adult to be more open-minded and know that there is another world outside the home environment.
  • College leaving presents; many 18 year olds are usually about to set off for college. Buying the individual furniture or even providing the down payment for an apartment is a good way of going about this.
  • Car; this is one of the most generous gift ideas for an 18th birthday.  The young adult might be setting off for college and having a car can be a great benefit to him or her. There is nothing quite as exciting as watching the joy and excitement on the face of the young adult when presenting the car keys on the birthday date.  You should strategically position the car so as to maintain the element of surprise.

Unique 18th Birthday Party Themes

Your 18th Birthday is well known for being very special as it is the first year where you are officially an adult. When you’re 18 years old you will be able to do things that you were never allowed to do such as live by yourself, travel around the world without being accompanied by a stewardess, vote, get a credit card, purchase tobacco products, and many more. This is basically why you should have a huge celebration with your friends and family, as you only turn 18 once.

Unique 18th Birthday Party Themes For Girls

Costume Party Theme

One of the coolest ways to spend your 18th birthday is to have everyone dressed in costumes. All you need to do is write down in your invitations that there is a dress code, stating that in order for the guest to enter the party they will need to have a costume on. This is a great way to make everyone to really wear a costume, as not everyone would want to wear a costume. Another great way to make everyone wear a costume is by announcing a prize for whoever has the most unique costume.

Princess Theme

A princess theme for your 18th Birthday would also be a really great idea, as every single girl wants to feel like a princess on their special day. You will only turn 18 once, so you must make it one of the best Birthdays that you have ever thrown. There should also be a dress code for the guests like there is a certain color that they will need to wear. If there is a certain color that is your favorite, then that specific color should be the main color of your party.

Unique Birthday Party Themes For Guys

A Beach Party

A beach party would really be a great party theme for a guys 18th Birthday, as what better way to spend your Birthday but to have girls in bikinis. Make sure that the dress code is that you must come in a swimsuit so that at least everyone is dressed properly for the area.

Las Vegas Theme

A Las Vegas party theme would also be great theme for a guys 18th Birthday, and though you are still not legally allowed to gamble, at least it is something that will definitely be remembered. You can have female dancers on stage or band performing, as you are now officially allowed to do many things you were never able to do.


18th Birthday Food Suggestions

As most 18 year olds are always on the go, good old fashioned finger food always works well.

The best thing that you should serve at your 18th Birthday is of course American food, there is simply nothing better than the old fashion steak and mashed potatoes. However, the food you serve still all varies on the party theme you decide on choosing. If you are having a Princess themed party you could have beautifully decorated cakes and a sports theme you could have ribs and hot dogs.

The tips above will really help you to choose the perfect Birthday them for your 18th party. However, just remember that you can make your Birthday as unique as you want, because your 18th Birthday party should be a huge celebration.


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