Easter Parades

Easter Parades and Where to see them in 2021

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Easter Parades are a traditional part of Easter. If you are planning to see one of these magical fun filled parades we have compiled a list of Easter Parades which are fun to either visit or participate in. You may need to wait until next year to go to an Easter Parade!

Easter Parades United States

Fifth Avenue New York City Easter Parades

If you are a tourist in New York in the spring time then you cannot fail to notice how the people of New York celebrate Easter. This tradition originates back to the mid 1800s when people would attend a church service before donning their finest clothes (including a selection of elaborate looking hats) and take to parading up and down the streets, showing off their finery. It continues today with the masses taking a festive stroll in their best clothing. All of the stores and churches are adorned with decorations and bunting to mark this special event. If you’re looking for Easter parades – where to see them, then Fifth Avenue is a buzzing place to be, especially on Easter Sunday and you do not need to be particularly religious to join in the celebrations. Stroll along Fifth Avenue from 49th to 57th streets for the Easter Parade & Easter Bonnet Festival.

New Orleans Mardi Gras

This is the parade to be part of at Easter! The people who live in the French Quarter of New Orleans really know how to party. There are hundreds of floats that you can either be part of or just appreciate watching. The children are encouraged to paint eggs then roll them before watching the floats go by. The Mardi Gras Easter parade is a real spectacular with a rainbow of colors featuring intricate costumes, head dresses, and a special king and queen riding on every float. The parade ceremony master normally begins the parade and he can be seen holding a candle or a cross to signify the Christian element of the celebration. After the procession, there is an enormous party with mouth watering foods for the masses to enjoy. This particular parade usually runs late into the night and is a fantastic event which will foster good memories, especially for children. This parade brings an eclectic mix of cultures together for a very special day which features marching bands and loud jazz music.

San Francisco’s Dazzling Colors On Union

This flamboyant gala takes place on Easter Sunday every year and is an extremely popular attraction. Hordes of people gather in the heart of the bay and pack the streets from Gough to Fillmore. This occasion is known as ‘the biggest little parade ever’ and is attended by such huge numbers due to its family friendly values. As well as people dressed up in unusual costumes riding on the wind powered floats, you can expect to see roller blading cows and an interesting display of vintage automobiles. For Easter parades – where to see them, there is something for all ages at this event in San Francisco. This event draws families from near and far to celebrate Easter on Union Street from Gough to Fillmore, San Francisco, CA.

Bunny On The Atlantic City Boardwalk

If you want to see an energetic Easter parade then you cannot go wrong by visiting this historic boardwalk of a city! On Easter Sunday the Easter Bunny takes over the entire area for this festive extravaganza. The bunny scatters chocolates and other goodies to the gathering crowds. A lavish Easter parade then follows which features people dressed in grand costumes riding on highly decorated floats. This Easter parade is particularly good for smaller children who still believe in the Easter bunny! The grown ups love to get involved too and scramble for the treats which are thrown by the bunny! An extremely surreal yet whimsical day!

Asheville North Carolina – Fun At The Mansion

A colorful Easter parade is preceded by packs of Easter egg hunters and gatherers which takes place on the lush lawns of the famed Baltimore Estate which was once the largest private home in the USA. Easter eggs are carefully hidden under bushes or even nestled in the flower beds. By the time the children have unearthed these treasures they are whipped into a frenzy of excitement so are ready to appreciate the sights, sounds and smells of the parade. This Easter event is so popular that there are three different starting times throughout the day to enable as many people to take part as possible. This particular festivity is approached with enthusiasm by the locals and tourists alike.

So if you are doing some research on Easter Parades – where to see them, then please plan ahead and this will ensure that your Springtime Easter break will go smoothly. If you are a tourist in America at this time of the year then this is a brilliant sight seeing opportunity where you can really take in the whole atmosphere of an Easter celebration in the USA. If you are a local then just enjoy what your area has to offer and mark Easter Sunday by having lots of fun.

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