80th Birthday | Eighty Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

80 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

80th Birthday Party Themes, Food Suggestions

An 80th birthday party is a special time in someone’s life. The theme of the birthday party for an 80 year old should relate to activities, occasions, or any special times that the individual found dear to their heart.  When choosing 80th birthday party themes you will need to be creative and base it on each individual’s birthday and what has interested them throughout their lifetime. This will make his or her birthday more special and will be one to remember for everyone involved.

If you have a person in your life that is nearing the age of 80 years old, you will want to plan a very special birthday party for them. It may be a father, brother, uncle, sister, mother, aunt, or just a friend nearing this age that will be celebrating their birthday. There are many 80th birthday party themes and food suggestions that you will be able to use to make the event one to remember.

A theme for a birthday party for someone approaching 80 years old could be a fishing theme if the person enjoyed fishing during his or her lifetime. You could prepare a cake shaped like a fish and decorate it with small items related to fishing. You could decorate the area of the party with fishing posters to give the individual a feeling of being outdoors for their birthday. You could prepare the persons favorite type of fish for a meal to go with their cake. Tiny pieces of battered fish prepared may be more appropriate for a person of this age so they can chew it well. Any type of foods that can be shaped to resemble something to do with a fishing theme will make the person take notice and be very happy.

Other 80th birthday party themes, food suggestions may be to choose a colorful theme with colorful food to capture their attention.  You could choose a theme and the food that they ate when they went on a special trip for a good idea for a party. Maybe that person went to Hawaii or Alaska in their lifetime or even overseas visiting another country. It could be a special place where they took their family for camping or other activities. Whatever theme you choose make sure that it is one that holds special meaning to the individual.

The food could be foods that they ate while at these places to bring back memories. Other foods related to birthday themes may be soft fruits, cheeses, crackers, and maybe flavored dips to go along with these items. Sandwiches or other types of finger foods are great in the menu for any birthday related theme.

The cake should be special being the part of the birthday theme that you may be able to decorate the most. Cake is soft and taste great no matter what age you are. An 80 year old will have an easy time eating a piece of soft birthday cake so go all out, of your way making the cake special.

These are just a few of the many 80th birthday party themes, food suggestions that you can do for your loved one.

What To Give To People You Love – 80th Birthday Gifts

Giving gifts can be a really tough task especially when you have no time to prepare what gift to give. You have to know a lot about the person to know what he or she will like which can take up a lot of time.   Most people today are too busy to think of good gifts to give so here are some great 80th birthday gift ideas that you can use to give you your dad, mom, grandfather, grandmother, your father-in-law or your mother-in-law.

The United States of America was founded by Washington and for those who want the real events that happened to the life of our country, “Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow” is a book that older people will surely love. Most people who are 80 spend their time doing things that don’t take too much toll on the body.  What makes this gift great is that it gives your relative something to do during their free time.  It will also help them keep their mind sharp.

The Pacific is a series based on the events of World War 2 that was made by HBO and it is now being sold in Blu-Ray format. This is a great gift for people who were able to live that time because the events at that time are still close to the hearts of the people. The Blu-ray disc is perfect for people who missed the series or if they just want to see the series over and over again. The series features events from different places during World War 2 and it shows people how the battle went. It also gives historical accounts of the events in the film. This is always a great series to watch because it shows how we, Americans, won the fight against other nations.

Other great 80th birthday gift ideas are digital picture frames loaded up with family pictures or their favorite team and anything else that they enjoy. Older people care about their families and relatives. A great way to make them happy is to spend time with them and to give them a kiss and a hug on such a special day.

Their time in the world is limited and you might just not be able to spend much time in the future which makes your presence that much more important. It is just one day of the year and there is just no excuse if you cannot make it.

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