Mother’s Day

When is Mother’s Day 2021?

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 9, in 2021

Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Flowers – buy online
  2. Chocolates and Candy – select her favorites
  3. Gift Hampers – Select one that suits
  4. Books – A best seller or a gift certificate
  5. Jewelry – a pretty necklace or earrings
  6. Fragrance/Skin care
  7. Music – Get her something she sings along to
  8. Magazine Subscription – fashion or cooking
  9. Gift Certificates – books, adventures
  10. DVD’s

Top 10 Mother’s Day Activities

  1. Make her favorite breakfast in bed- whatever that may be – eggs, pancakes and coffee.
  2. A bunch of flowers picked from your garden and delivered to your mother.
  3. Give her a massage ( buy a certificate from a professional massager)
  4. Lunch – Decorate the table with fresh flowers and make her feel special.
  5. Movies – Let her pick.
  6. Afternoon tea – get out the fine china and spoil mum – cakes and coffee
  7. A walk in the park. Drive somewhere you haven’t been before and go for a walk.
  8. Do any chores your mother normally does around the house – wash the dishes, hang out the washing, take out the trash, clean up your mess. Don’t say anything. Your mother will notice!
  9. Cook a special meal – decorate the table and remember to clean up afterwards.
  10. Make up a hot chocolate milk with cookies on the side.

Mothers Day is a chance to spoil your mother and tell her how much you love her.

Upcoming Mother’s Day Dates……

2021 Mother’s Day | Sunday, May 9 2021
2022 Mother’s Day | Sunday, May 8 2022
2023 Mother’s Day | Sunday, May 14 2023

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